November 30, 2011

yesterday's hunt

My Brooklyn scavenging expedition proved unfruitful -- for wood that is. I did not bag the biggest game, my noisy footsteps must have given me away. But look what I did catch!

I almost missed it, buried in the edge of the dumpster covered with a garbage bag. I slammed on my brakes and nearly made a pile-up behind me. Good decision Ariele. Real smooth. But damage was avoided, and all in all, I managed to pull out the only two unbroken pieces. I love this stuff! Even when it's this filthy. But I guess after every hunt some cleaning is in order.

So thank you, construction workers, who manhandled these pieces just gently enough to fling them to their supposed deaths unharmed.... for me to find!

November 29, 2011

to be a table, one must have legs

The newest table top is coming along, with the cat loving every minute of it and insisting on being everywhere I need to be. The table needs legs, but I can't seem to scrounge up the right wood in my stock piles! Perhaps, if I wish hard it enough, it will come to me. I'll have to go out later for a Brooklyn wood expedition -- sorta like fishing, or hunting for deer: you might get it, you might not. After all, a table without legs is wall art.

November 27, 2011

when in maine, do as the mainers do




When in Maine, we take early morning walks in the snow, bake pies, sleep under piles of blankets, ride the snow mobile {after cleaning out the field mice nesting under the tarp},watch the turkeys run around the yard, listen to the hunters shooting rifles, watch movies in front of the fire, hunt for the perfect little christmas tree in the five acres of backyard {wearing orange of course!} and bring it back to Brooklyn to cram into the corners of our little Brooklyn apartment. 

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011

let's build some pie

Blackberry and plum pie with streusel and butter crust. No sawdust or nails here, just flower and sugar. You can find this recipe here, it's delicious.

A good Thanksgiving to you all!

November 22, 2011

whoever threw this away is weird

But if you happen to be reading this, and it's you who tossed this cute little thing to the curb, then I take it back. You're not weird. I just don't think I understand you. But hey, maybe I'm happy you're weird. Cause I like this thing, a lot.

It inspired me:

Boom! Hello, little table. Thank you very much weird person.

{and fyi, this table is for sale in my new, still in progress, SHOP section to the right!}

November 21, 2011

the void

Okay, I have three planks of crappy wood, an old coca-cola crate, a piece of off-cut one by one, glue, a nail gun, and a very big, ugly, empty space between my stove and refrigerator that I like to call The Void of Nothingness and Recyclables. Though I don't "like" to call it anything, I just want it gone. Gone! So today, I'm definitely killing The Void of Nothingness and Recyclables. Today, it's going down, deep into Nothingness hell.

Before: {The Void of Nothingness and Recyclables}. Yikes!

After: Whew!

Not my most brilliant work, but hey, it's a quick, little fix to a very big, ugly problem.

November 18, 2011

ingredients of a decent toolbox

1. hammer
2. tape measure
3. screwdrivers {flat, phillips}
4. level
5. file/rasp
6. chisels
7. hand saw
8. right angle
9. drill bit set
10. clamps
11. vise grips
12. coping saw
13. nails and screws

{not pictured because I don't have a 'pretty' one -- meaning home depot purchase! -- but equally as important: a drill}

November 17, 2011

hey, it's thursday, let's do nothing in particular



Today it feels like a day of yellow and tea, of re-arranging, sketching plans and reminiscing. I think I once was a deer whisperer, or perhaps it's merely that little tiny three-year-old's with hair balancing between a bowl-cut and a mullet simply aren't very scary. Or maybe they are, since I never see the bowl-mullet around anymore. Anyway, go drink some tea today. It's good for you.