November 18, 2011

ingredients of a decent toolbox

1. hammer
2. tape measure
3. screwdrivers {flat, phillips}
4. level
5. file/rasp
6. chisels
7. hand saw
8. right angle
9. drill bit set
10. clamps
11. vise grips
12. coping saw
13. nails and screws

{not pictured because I don't have a 'pretty' one -- meaning home depot purchase! -- but equally as important: a drill}


  1. Those are nice old tools! I use some tools from my father's collection of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's. I have an old hand drill I don't use. Next time you're in Monterey I'll show them to you and you can beg me to sell you one.:)

  2. Gorgeous! My tools are all sad and new-ish and cheap. Even your level is pretty!

  3. Yes indeed, but I have ugly versions of all these too! Which sadly, can be a bit more functional than some of their more beautiful counter-parts -- Sometimes! I admit to having the ugly Home Depot level that I use to double-check that my pretty level is level. Hah!

  4. just looks like mine!!!! Looooove tool boxes!!! ;))

  5. It makes the process more enjoyable to use beautiful tools, doesn't it? This photo should be framed...

  6. are these all the tools you use to make your tables? or do you have more hidden away?


  7. I do use all of these tools, but I definitely have more tools tucked away! And power tools, like a table saw, chop saw, orbital sander, nail gun, jug saw, etc... Going to get a band saw in a couple months too!! I use the old ones as much as possible though.


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