December 15, 2011

I know...

I know, I know. Enough already. We get it Ariele, yeah yeah, you're making a lot of cheeseboards. Yes! I may be overdoing the posts about them, but it's all I have time for! Plus, I think these ones are extra pretty so of course I want to share them! Every time I walk past these beauties sitting on my dining room table I nearly do a cat-call. My thoughts go like this:  

*Whistle* Hey pretty ladies, what's your fine woodgrain doin' in this part o'town? 


  1. they are pretty sassy, ariele. lovin' me some stripes on that second one... keep it up!

  2. Are you selling them? Or are you to attached?

  3. Wayne: Yes I'm selling them -- despite my attachment! You can buy them in the SHOP section to the right. Sometimes it's best to let things you love go, eh? I think yes.


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