December 9, 2011

sacrificial destruction, with a healthy dose of irony

Remember this table top here, sitting on my mantle?

I built it a long time ago, it was the first one, the one that started it all. Well, the other night, I... I destroyed it.Yep, took the thing apart. Like, gone. Whoosh. Adios. What! Why? Well, underneath that lathe pattern is none other than the planks I've been using for the cheeseboards -- this was built, of course, long before I realized that wood was anything special. So I thought long and hard and decided to sacrifice it in order to create. *tear!* I was sad. My boyfriend was sad. Even my cat looked sad. Of course, once it was dismembered and laying on the floor in a heap, I thought, Perhaps I shouldn't have done that.... But, what's done is done so I swallowed our collective remorse and got on with it.

So, yes, I succeeded in scrounging up a few more cheeseboards when I thought I was already out of wood. Hoorah! But of course, it just goes to show that impatience {a non-virtue of which I possess a lot} is bad. Stupid impatience, always coming around making me rush things. Because this morning, just after I  finished sanding my second-to-last board ever, I got a call from my neighbor:

Hey Ariele, I'm just around the corner and there's a whole pile of that wood you make your cheeseboards out of. 


{So three more up in the shop ------> }


  1. Oh CURSES, but what you did is SO. BRAVE. And by destroying the first important piece you made to repurpose into these new pieces you're really forcing yourself to reinvent. THIS IS ARTISTIC GROWTH, this is rare, and this is so, so important.

    Well done, you. Go get that new load of wood and keep at it! And some of us lucky ones wil treasure our cheese boards that much more knowing the story. xoxo

  2. It's OK. That table isn't one of your best, and you needed the wood instead. But, impatience is not a friend when creativity calls. (You are lucky that the neighbor saw the wood for you before someone else snatched it.)

  3. I think there are times when impatience CAN be good for creating.
    I've done the same thing with older paintings that you did with your table---sacrifice in order to move on. Destruction is a vital force in creating.

  4. FYI go to "bignyc" in there is one astoria and a new one bklyn... lots of great wood planks
    from floors, water towers etc... reaaaally cheap,if you ever can't get it for free!!


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