October 31, 2011


New Orleans...

Red beans and rice, jambalaya and crayfish.

Then some exploring lead to lathe!

Yep, I now have a small pile of old plaster lathe from the history-filled-city of good ol' New Orleans. I'm so excited! I've got to build something beautiful out of it when I get home...

Then, Mississippi:


October 29, 2011


Before there was sun, there was snow.

But then there was sun, and the beautiful neglected things I've been waiting for began to appear in great numbers.


I want this wall. Look! Chevron!

We stumbled upon this old restaurant, packed with cool junk and waitresses with crazy Texan accents.

October 27, 2011

Mexico! {New, that is}

The earth here is red.

We took a detour off the highway to celebrate our one thousand mile mark, and found complete and utter silence in a low lying lake. Lunch was spinach and baby tomatoes from the cooler, with only a distant cow as our other company.

Then some serious dirt road lead us back to the highway, which, in turn, took us to Albuquerque, where we found a tiny barbecue joint with our noses. Literally. We smelled it as we drove past... Mmm!

Now, it's a daunting stretch of Texas tomorrow!

Oh, and Amelie, we spent last night in the Quality! The breakfast was even more awful than I remembered -- oh the memories!


It snowed.

October 26, 2011

To california and out again

Well, we've had a flurry of family, friends, and food in the past few days. But my priority when I got to CA?
Go see my restaurant. And it was even more lovely and wonderful than when I left it over a month ago:

I've missed it.

The second thing I did? 


Mmmm, I've missed being cooked for. It was so delicious.

The third thing I needed to do was, well, fix some seriously damaged chairs. A month of people abusing my ancient, frail beauties put a lot of them in the chair hospital:

The fourth thing I did? Well, we went to my favorite junk shop, where we found this beauty:

I finally have the table saw of my dreams! And it was only fifty bucks. Yep, that's right. And it purrs like a kitten. Purrs! And it weighs about a hundred pounds. I love it!

Then we saved another hummingbird that got stuck in the garage, again.

So after attempting to do all these things in a very brief and full three days, we packed everything in the car, including the hundred pound table saw, and set off on our exciting, ten day drive back to Brooklyn! 


First day down, nine more to come.