February 6, 2012

built-in {the crooked, the oversized, and the overcome}

A while ago I got an exciting commission to build a window seat in a lovely Clinton Hill apartment. So of course, it had to have chevron doors, be made entirely from salvaged wood, and it needed a cushion made from organic buckwheat hulls instead of foam. Which meant I'd be putting my upholstering skills to a test as much as I'd be putting my skills at fitting a bench into a a tight fitting, off level, wonderfully crooked window nook with only a few measurements taken -- since I'd be building the bench off-site in my shop. The upholstering went well, though slowly, with only a few escapees of loose buckwheat that are still floating around somewhere in my apartment. Have you ever used buckwheat? It's wonderful stuff! And a great alternative to foam since foam is a little more toxic than I'd like to admit.

But of course, when the bench was finally complete and my boyfriend kindly helped me lug the thing down our two flights of stairs and up their three.... it didn't fit. Yep. It was one quarter of an inch too big since there was some window moldings that stuck out at a spot I hadn't measured thoroughly enough. Ah yes, how lovely are old crooked apartments but oh how frustrating they can be for the unassuming builder. So in a {sadly undocumented} fit of insanity, I dismantled the entire thing right there in their apartment, creating a mini dust storm and some unsuspected entertainment for their children. With the help of my handsaw and a few shims, I forced this bench to fit like a glove. A glove I say!


I'm so happy with it, they are so happy with it, and I'm so happy they are happy with it. We are all happy! So, from now on I measure everything three times. Or maybe four.

{And no, I didn't make that adorable little girl sit like that, she just did! Isn't she perfect?}


  1. This is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. The next time you're in California to visit the vecchio, we need to have a serious talk about you heading two hours north and making me something awesome.

    Also: new. boots. Look at me keeping your best interests in mind.

    1. Woo! I will definitely let you know when I'm off to the ol' CA again. Then we can have that serious chat. Quite serious indeed. And yes, I'm really hanging on to these old boots o'mine, two inch tear or no. So sad!

  2. SO PRETTY! Wonderful, beautiful work! Love.

  3. i am happy too to see all of you that happy!!! ;))
    wondeful btw...

  4. Absolutely lovely. And measuring would totally be my biggest fear in making something to fit in such a precise space.

  5. Fantastic!

  6. Gorgeous!

    Unrelated - I was at my parents farm this weekend, taking pictures of old wood piles and rusty things and couldn't help but think of you and your fantastic work.

  7. Wow, I'm in love with your work. So much detail and craft goes into each piece. Hope to have one in my home someday


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