February 18, 2012


My day started out all sawdusty as usual, and ended with me baking pink cupcakes for a guy.

Because, you know, men are awesome enough to handle pink cupcakes. And damn are these good! I got the amazing recipe here but converted the cake into these little guys for easier sharing, and wow, I highly recommend you go buy some over-ripe strawberries and some real cake flour and get baking. Or! Forgo the baking all together and just eat the batter, it's so good I almost dove into the bowl head first. So happy birthday my friend, I refrained from eating all the frosting so you can have some too.


  1. Those are beautiful and look so good!

  2. yummy... looks delicious!

  3. congrats for "the makers" shots!

  4. New to your blog (love it) and just loved this post as well. Starting with a picture of you in sawdust and ending with a plate of cupcakes - awesome. You are my kind of gal!

  5. I love, love cupcakes! They're the cutest desserts in the world!


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