February 10, 2012

some serious chevron

A little preview of what's on its way! This new lath I found is the most beautiful I've seen yet. It has such contrast, black on one side, white on the other. No exceptions. Most lath I usually come across is so gradient, but this stuff is not ashamed to be bold! I'm really enjoying working with it. Who knew lath could be so different depending on what house is comes from? Amazing.


  1. I feel like I read your blog to satisfy the Christopher Walken-esque voice in my head that shouts "I've got a fever and the only cure is more chevron!"

  2. That is SO GORGEOUS.

  3. fantastic those 2 colors!!!! can't wait to see the finish product!!!! ;)
    is it the head bed?

  4. Do you simply use glue to secure the stripes of wood together? I admire this so much.

    1. I use wood glue but I mostly rely on my trustee nail gun!

  5. Beautiful - so much texture. Can't wait to see more! Delighted to find your blog!


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