March 7, 2012

lately {bits of insanity and extreme messes}

Basically it goes clean, messy, clean, messy. Then it goes messy, messy, messy. I trash the place, explode saw dust and expand all over the dining table, a wee bit into the living room, maybe blocking the stairs now and then and definitely making others step over a lot of wood to get anywhere. I mean, I leave paths. Passageways, you know? Like a garden. Then I sweep it all up and start over. I find myself saying sorry often as my poor boyfriend tries to bring his bike through the living room which is, of course, blocked by a table. Where did this table come from! Uh, I just made it. Sorry sorry sorry. I should just have a sticky note stuck on every surface of the house, as though that would excuse it. As if it's the sticky notes fault. "Sorry!" says the sticky note to the very patient boyfriend.


  1. there is no excuse needed for such beautiful work, even if it is dusty and messy... a sorry is fine, but a beautiful creation says so much more....

  2. two hazels momMarch 08, 2012

    oh, but we know said boyfriend is very much in love with said girlfriend,
    and also loves her because she is so very creative, which comes out of chaos, that said boyfriend is also an artist who understands the cycles,
    and cycles....

    you do need a studio soon, and with a wee bit o patience will have one.

  3. I really love your great work. It looks fantastic!

  4. hahaha i love this. i am fortunate enough right now to be renting an actual house--miracle of miracles--so i do for once have my very own room to destroy when i paint and stitch. but we won't live here forever, and if it's ever an apartment again....well, then the husband is doomed.
    *love how you sneak in those teal bits!

  5. The table shown in the third picture is so simple yet so beautiful! At this point you're basically painting, with lathe. Amazing.

  6. lollllll... that guy is so cute!!!!..or in love... ;))
    Happy weekend my friend

  7. Your work is as beautiful as you. Working in a small space can have it's moments, eh? But, be sure to watch inhaling all the sawdust. It can cause respiratory problems in time. I had to eventually buy a respirator after coughing all day.

  8. Your work is as beautiful as you! But be sure to watch the sawdust in your lungs. I had to buy a respirator after coughing all day. I hope your boyfriend isn't covered with dust! :)

    1. Yes! Thank you for your sweet concern. I wear a mask when it gets dusty, but it is quite true that my work space, ventilation wise, is far from ideal. It is on my list of thing to improve.

  9. may i buy you a respirator ? happily offering !

  10. I'm in love with your cheese most folks are I'm sure! I've just discovered you (via Second Shout Out blog)and would love to own one for my very own farmstead goat cheese. You are very blessed/gifted!


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