February 26, 2012

a pretty place to rest your head

My headboards. Revealed. And a very happy me.

Okay, let me put this mildly and say that I'm pretty thrilled right now. I've been waiting a long time to finish these up, and I'm aching at the difficulty of having to keep these to myself before they were completely done. Now I can breath. Here they are, my works of art that make me swell with pride.

I really wanted to build something that suited the spatially challenged typical new york apartments, since a table {while great} is a serious commitment of limited-to-nonexistent space. I wanted to make something that everybody could own, since all the room it requires is the same it takes to hang a painting. Functional art -- my favorite kind. And who doesn't want a bit of chevron and salvaged wood to brighten up their mornings? So tell your friends and their friends and their moms, to halt their trip to Pottery Barn and come get one of these instead. I've got another two on the way, and a bunch of patterns in my head for more. I'm so excited! I hope you enjoy.

{Specs: Fits a queen. Wall mounted from behind, but legs can be added if necessary. Measures fifty-nine inches long, two feet tall, one and a quarter inch thick. Shipping to be calculated upon request. Cat not included.}

February 25, 2012

the last of the ash

I finally got around to cutting the last bits of ash planks into cutting boards. I can't get over how lovely it is to sand away the rough, dirty outer layers to reveal this amazing silvery-purple wood, as smooth as silk. This wood is prefect, it's hard without being hard, soft enough to sculpt easily but sturdy enough to withstand a knife cutting upon it.

I've been thinking a lot lately about woods and how I have a hard time putting anything on them; sealers, waxes, oils. Even though it protects them and keeps them happy, I just have this thing. Why is that? I think I grow accustomed to their natural color as I work with them, and anything else feel strange. I was remembering building the chevron wall of lath at my restaurant {what feels like a year ago at this point} and at least seven people walked in over a period of days {we were still in serious construction mode} and they asked what color are you going to paint that? As a silent retaliation, I didn't even sand it. I left it raw, natural and rough, pure and colorful.

February 21, 2012

now I am a Maker!

I am extremely happy to announce that I've just been included in The Makers Project. Is it necessary to tell you that Jen Causey blows my mind? You can already tell this by looking at her photographs, right? It was such a lovely morning spent with Jen in my studio showing her all my work and chatting away. This girl is superbly talented, and has a knack for choosing interesting and driven people to include in her website -- I spent an entire afternoon perusing through her project, went through about six cups of tea while doing it, and I'd say you should do the same. It's truly inspiring, and I'm so honored to be a part of it. Also, her photographic genius made my apartment look way cooler and significantly larger than it is. How did she do that!

So here it is. If you haven't yet discovered her work, it's well worth the click. And thank you dearly, Jen, for making the experience so enjoyable and fun, and also thanks to Lily!

The Makers Project 
{photographs above taken by Jennifer Causey}

February 18, 2012


My day started out all sawdusty as usual, and ended with me baking pink cupcakes for a guy.

Because, you know, men are awesome enough to handle pink cupcakes. And damn are these good! I got the amazing recipe here but converted the cake into these little guys for easier sharing, and wow, I highly recommend you go buy some over-ripe strawberries and some real cake flour and get baking. Or! Forgo the baking all together and just eat the batter, it's so good I almost dove into the bowl head first. So happy birthday my friend, I refrained from eating all the frosting so you can have some too.

February 15, 2012

triangles and chevron rolled into one

Guilt consumes me if I go more than a week without posting something, and I do have multiple half-completed projects going that I theoretically could post. But I also despise posting half completed projects. So it's a bit of a pickle. I want to finish something so that I can show you all the entire thing, from start to end. But for now, another detail will have to suffice. More teasers, if you will!

February 10, 2012

some serious chevron

A little preview of what's on its way! This new lath I found is the most beautiful I've seen yet. It has such contrast, black on one side, white on the other. No exceptions. Most lath I usually come across is so gradient, but this stuff is not ashamed to be bold! I'm really enjoying working with it. Who knew lath could be so different depending on what house is comes from? Amazing.

February 7, 2012

an idea

I'm thinking of making myself a headboard. This one, to be exact:

My eventual goal is to make the entire bed frame, but until that day swings around, I think just having this headboard will curb my urge to remodel the entire room {most of what's holding me back is the rather ugly wall to wall carpeting in there that I'm not allowed to rip out -- it's the bane of my existence and prevents me from making major improvements. It's such a bummer}.

Err, rather, let's be honest here: I've already torn out quite a bit of carpeting in other locations and believe I've quite overdone it since there is, in fact, a clause in my lease stating I cannot do exactly that. Or paint things I've definitely already painted. And so on. But seriously people, why oh why do building owners insist on installing cabinets and carpeting and light fixtures from home depot! It's their own fault when us creative types tear it out or cover it up. *Ahem*  Sorry landlord. You'll thank me later.

So it seems that my intentionally simple post about an idea sketch turned into a tirade. Interesting, eh?

February 6, 2012

built-in {the crooked, the oversized, and the overcome}

A while ago I got an exciting commission to build a window seat in a lovely Clinton Hill apartment. So of course, it had to have chevron doors, be made entirely from salvaged wood, and it needed a cushion made from organic buckwheat hulls instead of foam. Which meant I'd be putting my upholstering skills to a test as much as I'd be putting my skills at fitting a bench into a a tight fitting, off level, wonderfully crooked window nook with only a few measurements taken -- since I'd be building the bench off-site in my shop. The upholstering went well, though slowly, with only a few escapees of loose buckwheat that are still floating around somewhere in my apartment. Have you ever used buckwheat? It's wonderful stuff! And a great alternative to foam since foam is a little more toxic than I'd like to admit.

But of course, when the bench was finally complete and my boyfriend kindly helped me lug the thing down our two flights of stairs and up their three.... it didn't fit. Yep. It was one quarter of an inch too big since there was some window moldings that stuck out at a spot I hadn't measured thoroughly enough. Ah yes, how lovely are old crooked apartments but oh how frustrating they can be for the unassuming builder. So in a {sadly undocumented} fit of insanity, I dismantled the entire thing right there in their apartment, creating a mini dust storm and some unsuspected entertainment for their children. With the help of my handsaw and a few shims, I forced this bench to fit like a glove. A glove I say!


I'm so happy with it, they are so happy with it, and I'm so happy they are happy with it. We are all happy! So, from now on I measure everything three times. Or maybe four.

{And no, I didn't make that adorable little girl sit like that, she just did! Isn't she perfect?}

February 1, 2012


I'm gearing up for a big commission.

I can hardly wait to start!