May 27, 2013

Spoon givaway: Winner!

{There-are-no-losers-we-are-all-winners} AND THE WINNER IS!
Congratulations Liane of enhabiten! You are the lucky winner! Send me an email at with your address and I'll have the little guy in the mail to you this week. Yay!

So, let me just say holy cow. I'm more than thrilled at the amount of enthusiasm and blatant coveting you all have shown for my little spoon. You've made him blush. He's a bit shy and not accustomed to all this attention. So much attention, in fact, there was no way in heck I was about to spend hours writing down six-hundred numbers on pieces of paper for the drawing {no matter how much I prefer to do things the tangible, old-school way} so I used a random number generator plugin instead. Not as cool nor as satisfying as drawing a number out of a bowl, but alas. It did the trick.

 that's a wrap! Thank you all so very, very much! I had fun, did you?

xo, Ariele

May 20, 2013

Giveaway! And the magic of spoons.

About a month ago, I went totally spoon crazy. I bought a hook knife on ebay and a chunk of walnut at the lumber store, and started carving my first spoon. I thought I'd get through one, maybe, then toss it aside, move on, and never carve another spoon in my life, but as you see... apparently that did not happen.

What followed was an inability to put down my hook knife. There was just something about being able to carve hardwood like it was butter, scraping out the inside of the bowl and being left with these long, curled up shavings of walnut, that put my mind at ease. The spiraled shavings looked like chocolate and filled up my work tables and my living room coffee table like I was baking an elaborate cake. I wouldn't even sweep them up, because the more that were there, piling up, the more accomplished I felt. I started calling them Therapy Spoons. Need some head-shrinking? Start carving a spoon instead. Seriously. Do it.

Yes, I carved a LOT of spoons {I've since banned myself from carving more for the time being}. What am I going to do with all of them? Well, I plan on keeping a few, and giving away the rest to friends and family. These spoons are an amazing thing to have on hand -- did someone do something nice for you? Here! Have a spoon! Did a friend invite you over for a really lovely brunch? Here! Have a spoon! Oh what, it's your birthday? Here! Have a spoon!

And then came the whining. Yes! I'm talking about YOU! What's a girl gotta do to carve a spoon around here in peace, eh? There was, ahem, a lot of whimpering that taking pictures of hand carved spoons that were unattainable was insanely unfair. *gasp!* How rude of me! My statements of sorry not for sale were met with both sweet understanding and a bit of WTF. Hey, I get it! I'd be mad too!

So, to appease, I'm giving you a spoon. This spoon, to be exact.

It's carved from reclaimed maple, measures 11.5 inches long, with the bowl measuring 2 inches across. It has no intended purpose, so use it as you wish! Scooping coffee grinds? Stirring something yummy? Sitting in a jar on your counter with your other spoons looking pretty?

This contest is now closed! I will announce a winner later today! Thanks peeps!
TO ENTER: Leave a comment here, not anonymously of course. If you have a name that's fairly common please leave your last name, or something distinguishable, so I'm not left with eight Kate's and fifteen Erin's {ya know what I mean}. Entry will be open for one week, ending Monday, May 27th at 11 am EST. 

TO WIN: I will draw a random number {out of a pretty wooden bowl of course!} and the corresponding comment number will be the winner! I will announce the winner on my blog and on instagram next Monday.

{Oh, and I forgot to add that this is open internationally as well. I'm happy to pay for shipping anywhere unless it is somehow ridiculously expensive! In which case a humble Paypal request will be in order. Capiche?}

Fun Fun! I love giveaways! Good luck all!